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Search across data that stretches as far back as 2017. Shodan Trends provides a month-to-month breakdown of results so you can see how the Internet is changing.


Want to dig into the data even more? No problem! Take the trend data with you by exporting it to CSV so you can import the insights into other tools.


Here is a list of available search filters that Shodan Trends supports:

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Technology Trends

See how new technologies have grown in popularity and old ones have fallen out of favor. Use Shodan's trusted historical data to find out which technologies are taking over the Internet.

Example: Growth of Vue.js

Network Reputation

Explore the history of an IP range to see how fast they patch their services, whether there used to be malware hosted on them or simply get an understanding of their security posture over time.

Threat Intelligence for the Ages

Track a threat actor's infrastructure throughout time and learn more about what they were doing in the past. Shodan Trends doesn't return the list of IPs but you can see where/ when the infrastructure was deployed and other related information.

Hypothesis Testing

Are there more encrypted services today than 4 years ago? Has Let's Encrypt been a major driver for that adoption? Use Shodan Trends to gain data-driven insights.

Example: Rise of Let's Encrypt

Pricing: 1 search = 1 query credit

*Cached queries don't consume query credits


Frequently Asked Questions

How much historical data is searchable in Shodan Trends?

For the beta, we've indexed everything from June 2017 though today. Shodan has historical data available going back even further and we will adding those to Trends over time.

How do you buy Shodan Trends?

It's available at no additional cost! Every Trends search consumes 1 query credit which are already included in all Shodan subscriptions and the membership.

Who can access Shodan Trends?

Anybody with a paid Shodan account: Membership, API subscription or Enterprise.

Is there an API method to grab the data?

Not yet! This is the first Shodan product that didn't start off with a public API before developing the website. We will be monitoring the performance of the searches on the website to better plan how we should expose the data in the API.

Can I download the trend data?

Yes! The search results page has an "Export" button that will download the data in CSV format.

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